A Place to Land on Earth, by Insa Langhorst

Vernissage: 19.1. 4-6pm
The exhibition opens on 20.01 - 26.01 from 1-6pm
Finissage 27.1. from 3-5pm

“»Do we continue to nourish dreams of escaping, or do we start seeking a territory that we and our children can inhabit? Either we deny the existence of the problem, or else we look for a place to land.« – Bruno Latour, Down to Earth: Politics in the New Climatic Regime, Polity Press, Cambridge 2018”

In our busy urban world we have lost touch with earth. Usually, there are few moments in which we allow ourselves to lie down (not to mention on the ground), walk barefoot, touch soil. This project wants to create the opportunity to do so, in the city, during winter. It aims at bringing a touch of nature into urban surroundings, to instigate dialog about our environment and how to (re)form a sustainable relationship with earth.

Terrestrials can be social, cultural, human and material, as well as other living forms such as plants and animals.
A Terrestrial vision recognises that humans aren’t the only participants in the world(s) we create. The result is a vision that is both local and global but above all is irreducibly connected and material. We are all embedded in local and global networks. In our current state of crisis, Latour distinguished two choices we have: escape into out-of-this-world denial or recognise our (material) interconnection and the need for a more flexible, adaptive model of decision making.

Based on Bruno Latour's concept of "becoming terrestrial", artists and scientists are invited to share their perspectives in interviews, which will then form the audio pieces, which can be listened to in the space. Excerpts from relevant texts and interviews with people who deal a lot with soil (farmers, gardeners) are also included. Thus a rich and multivocal perspective on what it means to land and live on earth is being created, encouraging a change in perspective and a different view on our surroundings.

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