Collective Caring Exercises

The artist Pati Sayuri brought her interactive performance Collective Caring Exercises (CCE) in the garden. Participants were embraced by a warm atmosphere that challenged the cool temperatures in November 2023.

CCE unfolds as a series of intimate performances, designed for a minimum of two participants, within a space-time characterized by tender strangeness. Pati Sayuri's artistic lens transforms seemingly mundane actions from her daily life —such as peeling mandarins or washing hands with rice — into amplified, eccentric experiences. These exercises extend an invitation to delve into the often-overlooked moments of our daily routines, fostering connections and inviting participants to establish or deepen bonds through touch. At Co-Making Matters, she held the experiences of "Hands of Mandarine" and "The Rice Bath."

Pati Sayuri, a Brazilian-Okinawan artist based in São Paulo and Weimar, intricately weaves her ancestral exploration into her artistry. Her hands tell stories that transcend boundaries, finding solace in the realms of arts, textiles, and agriculture. With a focus on Shibori and Indigo, traditional handmade textile-dyeing techniques from Japan, Sayuri's multidisciplinary approach encompasses craft, performance, and public interventions. Her ongoing research dives into the potentiality of the mundane, exploring themes of care, intimacy, and even the beauty found in failure. From the fabric's surface to the surrounding space, Sayuri invites the community to experience tiny states of art with their own hands, each contributing to the rich tapestry of her universe.

Co-Making MattersHaus der Statistik - Otto-Braun-Straße 70-72, 10178 Berlin (Otto Wald)