Another possible story, feminist reading and writing workshop with Giuliana Kiersz 

Another possible story is a reading and writing workshop focused on feminist storytelling as an approach to create new stories. In each encounter we will read and discuss fiction and non-fiction texts and take them as a starting point to explore different creative writing exercises. We will develop individual and collective writing strategies to open up space for new stories, sensitivities and reflections. We will focus on authors that reflect on the tensions and relationships between feminism, coloniality and language, aiming to expand the political dimensions of words. The workshop has a feminist approach so it is permeable to the interest and questions of the group.

This summer edition Another possible story will be hosted by Co-Making Matters, and as part of the workshop we will intervene and shape the space to share the narratives and reflections within Haus der Statistik, creating intersections between literature and art.

Each encounter works as a unit, so it is possible to attend one, two, three or all six of them. No experience is required. The workshop will be held in English but everyone is invited to write in the language they feel more comfortable in.

Giuliana Kiersz is a Berlin-based poet, playwright, librettist and artist originally from Buenos Aires. Her work received several national and international awards. Her texts have been translated into English, German, French, Portuguese, Suomi, Bulgarian and Tsosil and published by Rara Avis Editorial, Libros del Rojas, Editorial INTeatro, Libros Drama, Solitude Editions / Archive Books, VFMK Verlag für Moderne Kunst and Editions Espaces 34, among others.Since 2017 she has given art and literature workshops in universities, theatres, festivals, museums, galleries and art spaces in Latin America, Europe and Singapore.


Co-Making MattersHaus der Statistik - Otto-Braun-Straße 70-72, 10178 Berlin (Otto Wald)