Ana Kotar Skarjak, born in 1987 in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, and currently based in Berlin,
Germany, is an artist known for her exploration of gestural mark-making. Specializing in
spontaneous scribbled lines of ink, often subjected to a process of cutting and
reassembling, Ana has developed a distinctive visual language capturing the raw essence of
brushstrokes through movement.

Over the last decade, Ana has devoted herself to the art of tea tasting, an immersive
experience that guided her into the nuanced world of zen calligraphy, where the gestuality of
brush strokes meets spirituality. Rooted in contemplative and introspective principles, Ana's
intuitive creative process is heavily influenced by her personal history and the surrounding
environment. This thematic underpinning is palpable in her most recent series,
"Recollections like threads, woven through time." Within this body of work, Ana delves into
the interdependence between dichotomies, transforming dialogues between opposites into
a harmonious unity by cutting and weaving two drawings into one. The tiny windows
created by the weaving technique encourage us to pause and discover the inherent poetry of
the ink-drawn line.

Ana Kotar Skarjak's career includes group exhibitions like "Kakšna prisrčna otvoritev" at
UAUU Univerzalni Atelje Uličnih Umetnosti, Ljubljana, Slovenia (2014), which showcased
prominent young artists from Ljubljana, and "Memory: International Mail Art Exhibition &
Swap" at Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, Canada (2014). She actively participated in
printmaking exhibitions and events such as the "Grafika" exhibition at Kulturni Center Novo
Mesto, Novo Mesto, Slovenia (2013), and presented solo exhibitions like "Ana Kotar" at Pri
Zelenem Zajcu, Ljubljana, Slovenia (2011).


Co-Making MattersHaus der Statistik - Otto-Braun-Straße 70-72, 10178 Berlin (Otto Wald)