Gloria Jurado & Samuel Perea-Díaz

Berlin-based artists Gloria Jurado and Samuel Perea-Díaz converged in a collaborative project and presented them in the container of Co-Making Matters at Haus der Statistik from 12 - 14.04.2024. Their work proposes a dialogue in the form of artistic research and site-specific installation that interrogates the role of global issues—such as climate crisis and overproduction—on a local scale. By working together, the two artists voice the process of real estate speculation by pointing to the value of the land today. How does the value of the square meter resonate with, and intertwine the complexities of Berlin’s land debt, speculative strategies, the dynamics of gentrification, and the broader climate crisis? Through their collaborative exploration, the artists pose thought-provoking questions that invite visitors to ponder these interconnected threads.

Co-Making MattersHaus der Statistik - Otto-Braun-Straße 70-72, 10178 Berlin (Otto Wald)