State of Nourishment: Kitchen + Talks + Music

As part of the Berlin Democracy Day, Intikuren and Co-Making Matters created a special day and night event with music, food and talk to share practices connected to Latin America in Berlin. The event happened on 14th of September, 4 - 11pm.

State of nourishment: Kitchen + Talks + Music was an artistic and cultural event centered around gastronomy and connections of cultural practitioners from Latin America based in Berlin. The program brought together ideas, experiences, and knowledge about food and its various relationships with our society and the planet. The program was composed of an intercultural cooking workshop followed by a roundtable discussion on contemporary food and ancestral knowledge, music, dance and other artistic expressions. To conclude, we nourished the spirit with music and performative art.

Details about the program’s schedule:


Intercultural Kitchen for everyone (Küfa)
Carolina and Nicole took us on a culinary adventure, using rescued food and traditional ingredients from South America. Everyone was invited to participate from the beginning of the cooking process to the setting up of the kitchen. Together, we cooked three dishes and shared with the community. (Organized by Intikuren + Lebensmittelpunkt + GUTEMission)

Between Tables and Cultures: Meetings points through and by Berlin's kitchens
Moderation: Ruben Manuel for Intikuren
Nataliia Kovalenko for GUTEmission
GUTEmisson is a non-profit organization founded by Ukrainian refugees Nataliia, Marina, and Natalia, dedicated to facilitating the integration of refugees in Germany. Since March 2022, they have been organizing a series of educational and informational events, games, language cafés, and cultural activities under the banner of 'Café Ukraine' in pursuit of their mission.

Ingrid Wolf for Essbar
Essbar is a non-profit organization dedicated to combating food waste and promoting sustainability. They run a food-sharing café in Berlin's Haus der Statistik and offer workshops and catering services using rescued food. Their activities include educating people about food waste, repurposing leftover food, and engaging with the community to promote responsible food consumption.

Making Together: Connections between cultural practitioners from Latin America
Moderation: Viviane Tabach for Co-Making Matters

Luiza Maldonado for Cena Berlim
Cena Berlim is a collective of Brazilian creative professionals in Berlin founded in 2020. Based on values like diversity, collaboration, and respect, we aim to improve people's lives as immigrants and artists, providing a safe space for sharing and discussing ideas, experiences, and opportunities and supporting a reliable network of contacts and assistance for the community.

Natalia Pais-Fornari for Janainas e.V. and NIE Theater
Brazilian researcher and documentary filmmaker for performance arts and feminist/migrant perspectives, with an MA in Gender and Women's Studies by the University of York (UK). Her interdisciplinary research interests and current work interrelates horizontal forms of leadership and belonging, as well as the right for leisure and fair ways of living and creating as Global South migrants. She is part of Janainas e.V., an NGO for Brazilian women in Berlin, and is the photo-documentarist of NIE Theater im Haus der Statistik.

DJ Papo Yoplak
Cultural promoter and DJ based in Berlin. He is the founder of the Psychedelic Cumbia Party, one of the most emblematic cultural spaces for the musical rhythms of South America.

The essence of Jazz lies in the convergence of diverse languages. Together, they build a multifaceted universe, a unique and international canvas among ethnicities. This is the essence of Jazzbop, which includes Bebop, jazz standards, Latin Jazz, and Bossa in its repertoire.
Gustavo Aguiar - drums; Sofianne - saxophone; Matthieu - Double Bass

Photos: Raquel Gomez
Co-Making MattersHaus der Statistik - Otto-Braun-Straße 70-72, 10178 Berlin (Otto Wald)