The Unloved Ones, by Dan Lie

Co-Making Matters served as a studio for the artist Dan Lie, where they created the pieces showcased in the exhibition The Unloved Ones, at Zwingli Church (Rudolfstraße 14, 10245 Berlin).

Dan Lie draws inspiration from the entire course of a person's life, exploring the various states and durations of elements. This includes delving into deeply rooted and emotional memories tied to family and personal experiences, as well as the memories that objects carry across vast distances and time. Through an interdisciplinary approach that involves ecology, archaeology, and ancestor worship, Lie's work challenges the established structures of Western science and religion, questioning the binary thought patterns imposed by them. More recently, the focus has expanded to encompass forms of mourning, commemoration, and collective healing.

Lie's art brings attention to materials undergoing constant transformation, influenced by their performative qualities such as time, transience, and presence. The works emphasize the simultaneous intimacy and expansiveness of coexistence among beings, addressing our continuous involvement in the processes of living, dying, and decaying. The energy of these transformations is conveyed through sensory elements like the scent of herbs, the earthy aroma, and the evolving natural color of turmeric when exposed to light. In this dynamic interplay, visitors and users of the Zwingli Church were encouraged to actively engage with the installation, becoming integral parts of a space where different entities and "The Unloved Ones" exist side by side.

To learn more about the exhibition, check the page Speaking to Ancestors.

Photo by Piotr Pietrus
Co-Making MattersHaus der Statistik - Otto-Braun-Straße 70-72, 10178 Berlin (Otto Wald)