Walking Residency

ReRouting and Co-Making Matters have joined forces to combine their curatorial interests in sharing space, walking, and making together, bringing a new series of walking residencies to Haus der Statistik.

Studio space in the city is often hard to access, afford or keep without fear of rising rents. This series of short form walking residencies is grounded in the desire to share space and resources whilst also rethinking what studio space can be.

Across various openings in the Co-Making Matters program, ReRouting will facilitate hosting artists, curators, cultural practitioners, and creative projects whose investigations incorporate walking in different ways. We understand that walking can often be an extension of the artist’s studio, a moment for the mind to meander, ideas to take form, or simply a necessary pause to be had. In this residency offer, the streets and walking space surrounding Haus der Statistik are offered as the studio and Co-Making Matters’ container space is given as a place to reflect on what is gathered on the move.

Since the beginning of the partnership in November 2023, three walking residents have been greeted, entering the walking residency format in various ways. See more here. At the moment, theses residencies are based on invitation, with an Open Call to be released in the coming months. We are also open to hear from you directly if your current research may require such a walking space.
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Past Residents:

JASMINA AL-QAISI - Feb/March, 2024

- December, 2023

TEXTUR MAG - November, 2023



Co-Making MattersHaus der Statistik - Otto-Braun-Straße 70-72, 10178 Berlin (Otto Wald)comakingmatters@gmail.com