Fairy Fountain

Co-Making Matters hosted the video-installation Fairy Fountain curated by PILOTENKUECHE.

Step into a world where reality and fiction intertwine. PILOTENKUECHE explored how fairy tales come to life in a series of videos made by over 40 artists.

What captures your imagination when recalling the fairy tales of your youth? How do they resonate with your current work? What stories are being told in today's world? Are you the storyteller, shaping narratives of hope and transformation? Does the fountain bring youth, renewal, or tranquillity? Do you believe your dreams are manifesting without anyone noticing? Have you encountered a fairy in your life?

PILOTENKUECHE posed these questions to the participating artists, encouraging them to delve deeper into the fountain's symbolism and transformations. The exhibition aims to establish a connection between the ‘Märchenbrunnen’ fairy tale fountains in Berlin and Leipzig, bridging the two cities with their shared cultural heritage.

Participating artists:
Anna Kautenburger - Anne Luisenbach - Anushka Rustomji and Faraz Aamer Khan - Austin Turley - Barry Amey - Brennan Wojtyla - Carolin Kölsch - Christiane Spatt - Claudia Vonderlind - Demetra Kallitsi - Erika Mikoslava - Franziska Ostermann - Guy Eytan - Jacqueline van de Geer - Joongok Kim - Jos Diegel - Kana Maeda - Katie Shannon - Kseniia Antipina - Kristy M Chan - Lidija Ristic - Lily Koto Olive - maeshelle west-davies - Marie Flarup Kristensen and Matilde Soes Rasmussen - Maurice Harron - Melisa Casella - Molly Burt-Westvig - Nara Rosetto - Nadja Shkirat- Nateria Chang - Neill Lin - Norbert Kovacs - Olivia Malena Vidal - Sabrina Lieb - Sergey Karev - Seirin Hyung - Silvia Gentili - Simon Sieradzki and Janne Steinhardt - Viktoria Sophie Conzelmann - Wednesday Kim - Wilm Danby - Yingtong Zhou - Yiyang Cao - Ziemowit Fincek

This project marked the first collaboration between Co-Making Matters and PILOTENKUECHE.

Curated by Julianne Csapo and maeshelle west-davies

fairy fountain logo by Elžbieta Upė Rozanovaitė

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